Девушка скинула 30 килограммов благодаря йоге и переезду в Таиланд

Синтия занялась своим рационом и начала есть здоровую еду, а занявшись йогой, она упорно добивалась результатов

Британка Синтия Джоанн Нейдани весила 95 килограммов, когда ей было 16 лет. С детства девушка страдала полнотой и расстраивалась из-за своих параметров, которые мешали ей жить.

Но ее жизнь кардинально поменялась, когда девушка переехала в Таиланд в возрасте 32 лет, передает cosmo.ru.

Lasting change is % possible. I've read lots of stuff that suggest otherwise.... from scientific articles that show the high rate of return to obesity in people who lose huge amounts of weight quickly, to my nutrition textbooks that discuss a body's "set-point" (the weight at which your body is comfortable and wants to stay... if you're obese, especially as a child, like I was, this set point tends to pull you towards being overweight), to online articles about the Biggest Loser competitors regaining their lost weight + more after the show. When I read shit like this I always feel for people who are currently struggling with obesity, or body image in general, and worry that they will feel discouraged and give up before they've really even started. That's why I put these photos up on the internet. There are 17 years between these two photos and so I'm living proof that healthy, sustainable weight loss is an option. If I can do it, anyone can. It takes time and dedication, but it's completely worth it. Please never limit yourself... whatever seemingly impossible dream you have, just go ahead and make it a reality.

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Девушка похудела благодаря занятиям спортом — йогой и подводным плаванием. Сейчас, по ее словам, ее жизнь стала похожа на рай.

Sometimes I feel like I make progress very quickly (physically and otherwise) and sometimes not so much. There are times when I feel like I regress. Then I zoom out and think of the big picture... how much has changed since I was that girl on the left. I remind myself that I am not on this planet to obtain any form of perfection but rather to continually evolve towards my highest potential, which will also continue to change over time. The road to self-improvement (again, I am not limiting this to the physical self) is a never ending one, which is why it's important to fall in love with the process itself, rather than the end results... because every end is in itself the beginning of the next phase. I won't finish this journey I'm on until I take my last breath so until then... imma keep hustling .

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"Быть подростком сложно, а с моей комплекцией — еще тяжелее. Я была очень неуверенной в себе девочкой", — рассказывает Синтия, живущая на тайландском острове Тау в Сиамском заливе.

По ее словам, раньше она постоянно заедала свои проблемы.

"Я очень много ела, каждый раз прибегая к еде в любой нервной ситуации. С моим весом было сложно заниматься активными видами спорта, и мне казалось, что я ни на что не способна. Я была морально подавлена, мне было некомфортно", — делится Синтия.

Sand in my hair, don't care (It's been raining so since the sun is shining today I couldn't resist a quick trip to the beach after teaching class this morning!)

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По ее словам, она стыдилась себя — ведь уже в столь юном возрасте была в плохой форме и боялась того, что будет дальше.

In photo 1 I am 20 years old and had just left Canada for the first time – I went to Belize to study monkeys (one of my uni degrees is in primatology ). Although I’d already lost about 30 pounds from my peak weight, I was so worried that I physically would not be able to manage long days of hiking in the jungle. I was scared, homesick, and full of self-doubt. Photo 2 was snapped yesterday in my home on a tiny tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, where I’ve lived since 2009 and where I now co-own @oceansounddiveyoga, a dive school (I’m a former dive instructor) and yoga studio (I’m heading out to teach a class in a few minutes!). I relish new challenges now, physical and otherwise, and I’m not afraid to go out of my comfort zone (or if I am, I do it anyway). I get to travel all over in search of new adventures – in two weeks I’m heading to the Philippines to dive with sharks and shipwrecks , go mountain biking‍, hiking ‍, paddleboarding ‍, horseback riding , and loads more. Physically I’ve changed a lot since I first left Canada, but the entire way I live has transformed completely. Fitness and yoga has been a huge part of this transformation and without it I wouldn’t have the confidence, or physical ability, to enjoy my life to the extent I do now. Movement is about so much more than aesthetics !

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Вначале Синтия занялась своим рационом и начала есть здоровую еду. Занявшись йогой, она упорно добивалась результатов.

"Я менялась каждый день, это был не быстрый скачок к идеальному телу. Но я в прошлом была бы в шоке от того, кем я стала сейчас", — говорит девушка. 

Happy Halloween !! The photo on the left popped up onto my FB this morning as one of those 'memory' flashback things. I remember seeing this photo of myself last year, and feeling unhappy with how I looked. I also felt bad for being unhappy... as a yoga teacher a big part of my job was/is to empower people to feel good in their bodies. I felt like a hypocrite. 5 months later, so 7 months ago, I started weight training, and more importantly, realized I can love myself and be grateful for my body while I still work hard to improve. In the photo on the left I was a fit, healthy, strong yogi. In the photo on the right I'm still those things, just fitter, healthier, and stronger. I'm also much more confident, better informed about how to take great care of myself, more open minded, and even more grateful to wake up every morning in this body that allows me to do so much cool shit and work so hard . Happy Halloween everyone, don't forget those treats!

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Теперь Синтия уверена в себе, не только от того, как она сейчас выглядит, но и от осознания того, что только она способна изменить свою судьбу.

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