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Сексуальна модель викрила ідеальні знімки в Instagram

У Instagram вона опублікувала серію фотографій, на яких показує тіло до і після прийняття правильної пози

Нашестя ідеальних фотографій в соцмережах зашкалює. Тому турецька модель і фітнес-блогер Імре Чечен вирішила показати, як насправді створюються знімки з ідеальною і підтягнутою фігурою.

У Instagram вона опублікувала серію фотографій, на яких показує тіло до і після прийняття правильної пози.

Примітно, що Імре досить відверто продемонструвала, як насправді виглядає її тіло, і хоча на фотографіях воно здається ідеальним – таким не є.

Разом з тим дівчина з іронією розповідає, як тяжко працює над знімками, бажаючи виглядати на них ідеально.

DIFFERENT KIND OF "KEEP IT REAL" I know some people are all done with the "keep it real" pictures so I thought I'd try a new one I find this one kinda hilariouschilling by the pool instagram vs real life . Anyone familiar with the concept of having all "normal" legs when you're standing but as soon as you sit down they transform into huge piles of meat? Why is it that those 2 sticks we use to walk expand to the size of Texas whenever they touch a chair? . This is the most NORMAL thing ever yet us girls seem to be so self conscious about it Hello! Your legs are being pushed against a surface, they are supposed to expand! This doesn't mean you're fat Even muscle will just look like a huge shapeless pile of meat when there's no flexing involved If you don't want your legs to expand maybe invest in stone legs! I'd choose marble ones . We've just lost touch with reality because on the internet all we see are those freaking hot dog legs I am guilty of posting those too! Yet even I wondered on my last vacay why my legs were so "big" when I sat down. . Thought I'd take a good comparison pic and I'm pretty sure I've got a hernia now Creating that thighgap & skinny legs feel was real hard I had to arch my back like crazy, hold my legs up (serious ab work was involved) and had to sit on the edge of the pool which caused me to almost fall. Both my camera & I would have drowned in the sadness of insta perfection (I would survive the water though, I can swim!) To people who do sit like this in real life; I admire your core strenght & willpower! . Yep, that's the truth behind poolside hotdog pics. Truth be told I'd much rather sit like that right pic whilst enjoying an actual hotdog What is your fave poolside snack? Kinda wanted to hold a piece of watermelon whilst taking this but it turns out that's only for advanced instagram posing I couldn't hold myself up, flex them abs, hold a watermelon & take pics at the same time Guess I better start practicing for my next vacay! . Ps. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way my legs look in the pic on the right. Just showing you the difference! vs = both yummy

Публикация от Imre Çeçen imrececen.com (@imrececen)

Вместе с тем, девушка с иронией рассказывает, как тяжело работает над снимками, желая выглядеть на них идеально.

CAN YOU GET RID OF ALL SKINFOLDS &FATROLLS? I know some people might think that this is a silly question but I noticed that lots of women and girls do seem to struggle with this and that's more than logical!!! . On tv and in magazines we only see airbrushed bodies, "flattering" poses and even bodies which had so much surgery that you might wonder if it's still human. This changes our ideas about reality and the "perfect body". Suddenly young girls seem to think they need a butt so big that you can't even turn around anymore without smacking someone down with it That shit is more dangerous than idiots walking around with giant backpacks or pipes #youcouldkillsomeone . Girls want to look like a marble statue without any rolls or folds. You know why that statue doesn't have folds? Cause it's a statue and it can't move! Be greatfull cause that skin of yours gives you the opportunity to walk around, to eat and just to live in general! . If you're feeling down whenever you see any rolls, folds or whatever: go check out my latest YouTube video! It's called "can you get rid of all skinfolds & fatrolls" and as far as I've heard it makes you see fatrolls in a totally different way! #theyareyourfriends (Kinda want to quote all amazing resposes I got) Anyway, the direct link to this video is in my bio so check it out!! It tells you if it's possible to be all skinfold & fatroll free

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